The Sharing Platform

Oomf is a cloud-based software platform that enables the sharing economy - one thing at a time. Through partnering with various products and services, Oomf’s platform works to sync current and future shareable devices through its proprietary app.



Why Oomf?

Oomf provides a no hassle, fully-managed sharing solution for our partners and their customers. Oomf’s cloud-based platform pushes the boundaries on what the sharing economy is and what it will grow to be through its strategic service integrations.


Theft Prevention


Fully-Managed Support


Usage Statistics

Our Shareables

Discover the power and simplicity of our portable charger sharing services.

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Oomf-Enabled Products are:


Low Cost and Low Maintenance

Through Oomf’s fully-managed support system and at zero cost to consumers, organizations can rest assured knowing their new offering is working like a well-oiled machine.

Concise and Convenient

With the tech savvy economy upon us, more consumers are looking to shrink their digital footprint. By reducing the number of items owned, the sharing economy is helping to do just that. Oomf’s integrated
products help organizations of all sizes
work smarter, more effective and streamlined.

Accessible and Advantageous

Due to Oomf’s boots on the ground approach when it comes to providing local support and continual usage monitoring, its integrated offerings are always in the best possible condition for  easy access to the end user.  The usage monitoring allows organizations to continually update and optimize device locations.

Become a connected campus

Students love the ability to charge their devices whenever and wherever they need.

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen. It’s great that I can keep it up to 24 hours.
— Ainsley M.
I think the product is brilliant, and by far the best installment of technology at UNL.
— Emily H.
Having the ability to have your phone charged around every hall is extremely convenient.
— Eiran S.

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