Students stay charged and connected using Oomf portable power sharing.

1. Activate

First, create an account using an email or Facebook credentials. Then identify a charger using our mobile app.  Once identified, the charger will be activated and ready to power your devices.

2. Charge

Connect your device to the portable charger. Take it with you wherever you go, the world is your oyster.

3. Return

Keep the charger up to 24 hours. Whenever you’re finished, simply return it to any charging station on campus so that the next Oomf user can share it too.

Download the mobile app to experience battery-sharing

Battery Specs

Learn more about each power solution and what is best for your campus.

Omnicharge 20

-    The Body: A brilliant block weighing less than 1.5 pounds.

-    Supports: All devices including all laptop computers.

-    The Power: 20,400 mAh battery with up to 100W AC output.

-    Features: AC outlet, Two Qualcomm Quick charge USB outlets,

                      Qi wireless charging surface.

-    Capacity: Nine Omnicharge 20s per charging station.

-    Station Size: 8" x 8" x 21"

oomf_button high res png.png

Oomf Mini

-    The Body: An elegant disc – 3” in diameter.

-    Supports: Smartphones.

-    The Power: 3,200 mAh battery for smartphones.

-    Features: Built-in cables. Apple Lightning & Micro USB

-    The Capacity: Ten Oomf Minis per charging station.

-    Station Size: 3" in diameter x 7" 

Oomf Support

With Great Power Comes Great Reliability.

In addition to our tailor-made portable power solutions, we pride ourselves on our incredible customer support.

We have an expert team of technicians at the ready to help any Oomf user. We also hire students for on-site maintenance and support.

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