Setting Up Your Omnicharge Station


Each Omnicharge station should come with two boxes, a smaller box with power banks and a taller box for the power station. Before setting up, ensure that you have the following contents:

  • 9 Omnicharge power banks

  • Omnicharge power station with power cable

  • Styrene sign with magnetic clip

  • Tablet with micro USB cable


First, place the magnetic clip on the top of the power station and slide the styrene sign into the clip.


Next, place the power banks into the open bays of the station and plug in each adapter cord. Press the power button on each power bank once they are plugged in (some of them may be dead, but will be recharged later in the setup process).


Now, setup the tablet. This device connects to your local Wi-Fi network and reports inventory updates to our cloud platform. Press the power button and log in with the password provided on the card that came in the same box your tablet arrived in. Next, tap the settings icon and then tap Wi-Fi. Choose the wireless network you would like to connect to and enter the appropriate credentials.

Next, plug the micro USB cable into either USB port on the top right of the power station. Then, plug the other end into the top of the tablet to provide it with constant power. Remove the backing from the velcro on the back of the tablet and adhere it to the back of the power station.


Finally, plug the power cable into the port at the bottom right of the power station. Once attached, plug the other end into a power source. You should see the LCD screens on the power banks change to show their status. This means power is running to the power banks and tablet.


Testing Your New Power Banks

Once your power banks have completely charged (which should take under an hour), download the Oomf mobile app, create an account, and follow the app instructions to activate a power bank. Once activated, power should be flowing to your connected devices and the USB and AC icons should appear on the LCD screen on the power bank itself.


Please email with all questions and support inquiries